Board Game Club: Dice Throne Tournament | 11th Nov | Skipton

Gathering Games


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Are you ready to face the ultimate challenge?

Join us for an Dice Throne tournament at Gathering Games in Skipton and test your skills against other players in a fast-paced and fun card game. You'll need to use strategy, cunning and luck to win over 3 rounds of intense battles. The entry fee is only £6 and you'll get a chance to win some special prizes on the day.

Don't miss this opportunity to show off your Dice Throne prowess and have a blast with fellow gamers. Sign up now and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!


  • Swiss Style Tournament
  • Best Of 3
  • 3 rounds

Hero Line Up:

  • Each player will choose a unique hero line-up.
  • First determine who will be player 1 and player 2 by any means agreed upon (eg. roll a die, flip a coin, gentlemen’s agreement). Player 1 will begin by choosing any 1 fighter from the existing published Unmatched characters. That fighter cannot be chosen again by any player for this match. Next, Player 2 will choose a different fighter. This will continue back and forth until both players have 3 unique fighters for their line-up.
  • Characters will be available to choose from the GG library of Dice Throne titles on a first come first serve basis, though you can also bring your own characters to guarantee a given hero line up
  • Both players will get to ban 1 hero from their opponent’s line-up. The banned fighter will not be allowed to be played in any of the games during this match. This is to promote strategic counter play and unique matchups throughout the event.

£2 of every ticket entry will be placed into a prize pool and gifted to the tournament winner as a gift card to spend in store.

13:00-17:00 | 11th November 2023

Gathering Games Skipton
3 Sackville Street
BD23 2PB