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Pokemon Trading Cards, or PokemonTCG, first bounced onto the English speaking scene in 1998, after already debuting in Japan 2 years prior, following the huge success of the well loved video game. At Gathering Games we have a huge collection of the latest Pokemon Card sets for you to add to your collection. Available in Booster Packs / Boxes, Elite Trainer Boxes or Blister Packs, readily available for you to stay one step ahead of your competition to build out those latest Pokemon card collections.

Not only do we stock that huge range of your favourite Pokemon TCG packs, but also offer a range of the latest Pokemon Pins & the elusive Pokemon Battle Decks. So whether you're just an avid Pokemon Card collector, or ready to do battle, at Gathering Games we’ve got you covered!

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Pokemon Trading Cards History

Established in 1996 by Wizards of the Coast, in Japan, the Pokemon Trading Card Game quickly rose to be one of the most popular in the country, following the release of the Pokemon games from Nintendo. This run then saw the release to the rest of the world in 1998, with the elusive Pokemon Base Set, consisting of 102 cards, 16 of these being ‘Holo Cards (shinies). Although the original Pokemon set consisted of 151 Pokemon, these were split out into the initial run, which included the Pokemon Cards Base Set, Jungle Set & Fossil Set. Since then there has been close to 10,000 unique Pokemon cards released so far, with of course, many more planned in the future. 

Popular Pokemon Cards

We couldn't talk about Pokemon cards without mentioning the most popular, which of course is famously known as any Charizard card. Ever since its release the elusive Charizard card has become a grail for many collectors, with of course the Pokemon Base Set version being the most coveted. Ever since that initial English print release there have been hundreds of variants of Charizard Pokemon Cards, from trainer owned cards (for example Blaine’s Charizard card) to ‘Shining’ variants. Although each specific collector / Pokemon TCG player will have their own favourite Pokemon Cards, it would be a miss not to mention Blastoise & Venusaur and the most famous Pokemon of them all, Pikachu!

So if you’re just an avid Pokemon Card collector, or building out your Pokemon Battle Deck to play in a local or national tournament, at Gathering Games we have you covered! 

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