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Based on the best selling manga and immensely popular anime, One Piece Card Game is one of the latest trading card games (TCGs) from publisher Bandai. It takes inspiration from previous TCG systems created by the same team, but streamlines many aspects to make it more accessible than any other card games by the publisher. It’s filled with characters, art and references from manga and anime on some of the most valuable cards ever seen in a modern TCG! Shop all things One Piece TCG right here at Gathering Games.

Top Picks for 2024

Wings of the Captain (OP06): The latest set of One Piece TCG adds several new powerful character cards that shake up the current meta, with some brand new crews finally receiving support. Gecko Moria and the Thriller Bark Pirates have become one of the most played decks in tournament play! Other new crews include Germa 66 (a.k.a. The Vinsmoke Family) led by Vinsmoke Reiju, Fishman Island, led by Hody Jones, and Land of Wano, led by Yamato. The Navy also return with brand new support. The alternative art cards are usually the most valuable cards in sets, and they don’t disappoint in OP06. Sanji and Zoro both receive alternative art, secret rare versions. This time, Zoro also receives extra special treatment, with a textures manga art variant found in roughly 1 in every 12 booster boxes!

Memorial Collection EB-01: In the very first expansion (or mini) set for the One Piece TCG, EB01 introduces 61 new cards, including some special multi-coloured leaders: Kouzuki Oden (red/green), Hannyabal (blue/purple) and Kyros (black/yellow). These expansion sets will add support older decks like Dressrosa, Baroque Works and Impel Down, powering them into the meta again. This includes new character cards for Tony Tony. Chopper (red), Brook (black), and Cavendish (green), but there are also some reprints of previous cards that aren’t so easy to get hold of.

Romance Dawn (OP01): Named after the first story arc in the One Piece manga, Romance Dawn is also the first set of the card game. It features many of the early heroes in the story as Luffy recruits the core members of the Straw Hat Crew, such as Zoro, Sanji and Nami. Rival crews will also feature from the opening arc of the story, such as the Kouzuki Clan led by Kouzuki Oden, Baroque Works led by Warlord Crocodile, the Donquixote Pirates led by Donquixote Doflamingo and the Animal Kingdom Pirates (a.k.a. Beasts Pirates) led by the governor-general Kaidou. Shanks is the ultimate chase card, with an alternative, textured manga art variant found in 1 of every 12 booster boxes!

One Piece Card Game Buying Guide

Starter Decks: The starter decks provide a ready to play deck right out of the box, making it the best starting point for any new into the trading card games or the One Piece Card Game. Each deck is based on a different archetype defined by a major crew or faction in the One Piece universe, including Uta (green), Zoro & Sanji (blue/green), and the Navy (black). While these decks won’t be powerful enough for tournament play from the get go, they provide a great skeleton to upgrade and prepare for competitive play. 

Boosters: Most collectors and players want to pick booster packs or boxes. Each booster pack contains at least one rare card, so each pack provides a chance at one of the most valuable cards available in that set. Typically, the most powerful cards available are reserved for booster packs, so they work well to upgrade any starter decks, though starter decks aren’t required to build decks. Cracking a whole booster box usually provides enough cards to build the skeleton of at least 2-3 decks. 

Accessories: Bandai has created various accessory products with the One Piece TCG, including card sleeves, deck boxes, playmats, storage boxes and premium card collections. The Bandai card games all have ‘standard’ sized cards (i.e. the American standard adopted by Magic The Gathering, Pokemon, Digimon etc.), so most card sleeves and deck boxes would work just fine for your One Piece Card Game collection, but the official options all provide exclusive artwork not found on any other brands of card sleeves and boxes.

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Why Choose One Piece TCG

The One Piece universe is rich, intriguing, deep, and filled with unique characters and crews. Unsurprisingly, it works so well as a trading card game with so much backstory to create sets and a huge fan base already in love with the franchise. While still in its infancy compared to other card games running for decades, One Piece has grown in popularity faster than any other modern TCG. It uses a colour pie system similar to Magic: The Gathering, so it should be familiar to any TCG veterans picking it up, but it also streamlines some of the mistakes made of previous card games, such as a resource system that reliably ramps throughout the game. One Piece also uses a leader system, similar to the Commander format in MTG, or the leader cards in Dragon Ball Super Card Game, so you can build a deck to synergise around your favourite hero. One Piece has successfully shaken up the TCG space with its accessible ruleset and beautiful artwork. The ‘big three’ TCGs will soon be called the ‘big four’.

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