Magic The Gathering TCG

Magic: The Gathering TCG is widely regarded as the first player trading card game and at Gathering Games, we have a huge host of the latest and some older UK MTG card collections available!  

Magic: The Gathering trading card games come in a wide range of collections, perfect for any master collector or player wanting to start out on their MTG journey. From MTG Standard Set Boosters & MTG Master Set Boosters to Commander Decks & the latest Magic The Gathering Challenger Decks. Start or expand your journey to a master player today!

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Magic Product Types

Magic Sets

Magic The Gathering TCG History

Magic: The Gathering was established in 1993, by the ever popular card creators, Wizards of The Coast & very, very quickly rose to dominance in the trading card world. There are currently billions of cards in circulation, with hundreds of millions of MTG players world-wide.

Become a MTG Master

The rules for the MTG trading card game can be both simple and complex, consisting of a range of artefact cards, spell cards, creature, land and many, many more. The aim is to build that perfect deck, from a huge range of collections, to kill your duelling partner in battle.

Magic: The Gathering Collections

To this date, Magic: The Gathering trading cards has some of the best designed and most well-known cards to date! Ever heard of the Black Lotus? Or Ancestral Recall? UK MTG cardslike this go down in trading card legend. Ever since its establishment MTG has created some truly iconic sets combining with well known franchises, such as Lord of The Rings, Warhammer & Dr Who.

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