Yu-Gi-Oh! Mega Tins

Yu-Gi-Oh! Mega Tins are a perfect addition to either be a collectors item, or an inexpensive way to build out  your Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck! Depending on the release a Mega Tin comes with a specific exclusive card, relating to, again, the release edition, be it an anniversary one or a sought after collection. Consisting of three 18-card mega packs each also comes with a rare or secret-rare card, usually relating to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Character on the tin.

At Gatherings Games we’ve got you covered with a wide range of Yu-Gi-Oh! Mega Tins, from past sets or pre-orders for future sets to come (dependant on release dates). Why not also take a look at our other collections of Yu-Gi-Oh trading card products, ranging from Booster Packs to Structure Decks.

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