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D&D is the original tabletop roleplaying experience set in the fantasy universe of the Forgotten Realm. Create a character from numerous classes and races to immerse yourself in a world of wonder. Dungeons and Dragons is a narrative-driven cooperative experience where a party of around 4 players journey together through a campaign led by a ‘dungeon master’. At Gathering Games, we stock everything you need to kickstart your upcoming campaign.

Top Picks for 2024

Vecna Eve of Ruin: The multiverse faces a threat. Vecna is returning. The reasons are unclear, but you seem to be connected to him. You must collect the pieces of the Rod of Seven Parts to save the Forgotten Realms. Eve of Ruin is the latest campaign book release for D&D, which features a brand new system ‘secret’. Use them to unlock special powers in battle and to assist you in your journey to save the world.

While the campaign starts in the Forgotten Realms, it branches out across the full scope of the multiverse in a high level (10-20) adventure. It is available with a standard cover and an alternative art cover.

Quests From The Infinite Staircase: In the latest D&D anthology book, players journey through 6 classic adventures originally created in the first edition of DND but now remastered and fleshed out to work with the fifth edition (5E) and beyond. The complete campaign book will run players through levels 1-13 and features the following modules:

-The Lost City: Perfect for new dungeon masters, The Lost City Runs players through levels 1-3 in a mysterious desert setting.
-When a Star Falls: Running players through levels 4-5 in a search for a fallen star that has landed in the Forgotten Realms. It must be returned to its rightful owner, but not before the star's mystery is revealed…
-Beyond the Crystal Cave: For level 6, players settle into a romance story. Two lovers have fled into the Cave of Echoes, and the party has been hired to find them.
-Pharaoh: For levels 7-9, players are faced against the ghost of a cursed Pharaoh, who longs to be released from his chains of eternally wandering the desert. Explore the Pyramid of the Pharaoh to unlock the secrets of the curse.
-The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth: Between levels 9-10 players adventure through the campaign module designed by Gary Gygax, the creator of D&D. A lost treasure has been rumoured in Greyhawk, but a deadly cost is attached…
-Expedition to the Barrier Peaks: To finally take players to level 13, the party embark on a spaceship hidden in a mysterious cave.

The Making of Original D&D 1970-1977: The creation of Dungeons & Dragons has a rich history. To celebrate this, Wizards of the Coast will be releasing this collection of documents and materials to commemorate the conception of the most popular tabletop roleplaying game. This beautiful coffee table book includes plenty of Gary Gyax’s original work and publications.

Dungeons & Dragons Buying Guide

Starter Sets: If you’re new to tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPGs), the Starter Kit or Essentials Kit is the best starting point for Dungeons & Dragons. Both include a dice set, character sheets and starter rulebooks which guide you through running a beginner campaign. Both provide a great first experience into D&D and are easy to recommend, though the Essentials Kit probably provides a little bit more value as it comes with basic character creation tools. One of the most enjoyable parts of D&D can be creating a character exactly how you imagine them to be. If this sounds like something exciting to you, then pick up the Essentials Kit. If you’d prefer to play premade characters to get into a campaign ASAP, pick up the Starter Kit instead.

Core Rule Books: If you’ve already made your way through a starter campaign, then the core rulebooks would be the next step. The Dungeon Masters Guide contains everything a DM needs to start running their own campaign and is filled with lots of tips to make the whole experience as smooth as possible. The Players Handbook provides all the details required to build a character from any of the base classes and races and to level them up to 20. The Monster Manual gives all the stats and lore behind the creatures in the Forgotten Realms. It’s a very helpful book for any DMs running a campaign. The most affordable to get all three is in the Gift Set, which contains all three core books and a dungeon master's screen.

Campaign Books: While there are a lot of campaigns to choose from in D&D, some are designed more for newer players, and some are designed for veteran players. This is usually denoted by the levels of the players that the campaign is created for. The higher the level of the players, the more tools available to them. With more tools comes more complexity for both the players and the DM. 

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Why Choose D&D

Dungeons & Dragons is the most widely played tabletop roleplaying game across the world, hence it has, by far, the largest number of campaigns and supplement books. Historically, Wizards of the Coast (the publishers of D&D) have allowed fan-made books to be created using the D&D 5E system under the Open Game License (OGL). This drove the vast fanbase to create a virtually endless library of campaigns, many that can be accessed for entirely free!

While many tabletop RPGs have since been created, D&D still remains the most beloved in the space due to the extreme level of self-expression allowed by roleplaying games. Play however you want. Be whoever you want. Create the story you want to live.

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