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Flesh and Blood is an up and coming trading card game from New Zealand based creators, Legend Story Studios. Although inspired by classic trading cards games (TCGs) such as Magic The Gathering, Flesh and Blood uses an entirely new game system created by ex-MTG pro James White. Flesh and Blood looks to simulate a fantasy battle using weapons such as swords and shields between two or more heroes, which is unlike any other TCG. With no officially supported online or digital version of the game, the creators of Flesh and Blood consistently emphasise that it is meant to be played face-to-face or in the ‘flesh and blood’.

Top Picks for 2024

Heavy Hitters: The most recently released set was a return to the roots of Flesh and Blood, focussing again on melee arena combat. It launched to universal acclaim and brought with it support for 6 different heroes across 3 classes and a variety of valuable chase cards, such as the ‘Marvel’ rarity variants of the new hero cards for Kassai, Kayo, Victor Goldmane, Betsy and Olympia.

Part The Mistveil: Releasing worldwide on 31st May 2024, Flesh and Blood ventures into a new East Asian inspired land called ‘Misteria’. It introduces 3 new heroes including the assassin ‘Nuu’, the illusionist ‘Enigma’ and the ninja ‘Zen’. Also being introduced are the ‘Mystic’ talent shared by the new heroes and a new resource known as Chi, which will be available for the new heroes.

Round The Table - TCC x LSS Box Set: With input from the ‘Professor’ of Tolarian Community College, Legend Story Studios recently launched a brand new deck collection to broaden the support for the casual 3-4 player format called Ultimate Pit Fight. ‘Round The Table’ includes 4 ready to play and unique decks designed from the ground up to enhance Ultimate Pit Fight, introducing new cards that enhance multiplayer combat and interaction.

Flesh and Blood TCG Buying Guide

Whether you’re new to card games or a veteran TCG player, there are a variety of products to choose from in Flesh and Blood. New players would likely benefit most from picking up a Blitz Deck, which is a ready to play deck for the Blitz format. Veteran players who like more options for deck-building should look at the booster boxes, which contain randomised booster packs with a chance to get some of the most valuable ‘Marvel’ and ‘Legendary’ cards.

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Why Choose Flesh and Blood

Flesh and Blood has a very clear focus on competitive TCGs with a highly active tournament scene across the world, from local level ‘Armoury’ events at local game stores to annual World Championships held for the top players across the globe. With the ever shifting focus of Magic The Gathering (MTG) towards its casual multiplayer format ‘Commander’, Legend Story Studios will immediately appeal to those players who mostly engaged with competitive MTG. Flesh and Blood’s 1 vs 1 ‘Classic Constructed’ format is its most widely supported game type which encourages competitive play.

Flesh and Blood attempts to reduce the element of luck from TCGs and the innate issues of using a ‘land-based’ resource system found among many other TCGs, where every card has it’s main effect as attack or action, but can also be ‘pitched’ to turn it into resources to be used to play other cards. Cards can also be used to defend, but expect tight decision making as once the card is used for defence, it will no longer be available for a potentially precious attack and will not be replaced by a new card until the end of your next turn. This drives combo-centric gameplay where skillful players are rewarded for recognising the best path to victory while others might be overwhelmed with choices.

This unique system also provides a drastically different flow of gameplay compared to the majority of TCGs as you begin the game at full power, instead of gradually ‘ramping up’ your resources throughout the game. This system simulates more closely a battle between two warriors, as they would become more wounded throughout the battle. The longer you survive in a game of Flesh And Blood, the tougher it is to get that perfect hand to deal a devastating blow to your opponent.

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