Flesh and Blood TCG: Part The Mistveil

Flesh and Blood explores the East Asian inspired realm of ‘Misteria’ in the upcoming set ‘Part the Mistveil’. Misteria introduces 3 brand new heroes, each with a unique playstyle and gameplan. From Blitz decks to sealed booster boxes and cases, we’ll have the full range available from day 1 here at Gathering Games.

Set Features

Part the Mistveil introduces a major new mechanic called Chi. Chi is a new resource type that’s used by the new heroes that give them access to hero specific instant abilities. The new heroes will be available in both old (Classic Constructed) and young (Blitz) versions. They include:

Nuu, Alluring Desire

Nuu is the owner of the Mistcloak Teahouse though has a mysterious background shrouded in secrets. Nuu benefits from stealth attacks which causes the opponent's defense cards to be banished after completing a chain link, while her ‘Chi’ ability banishes the top card of the opponent's deck if blue and then play them for free on that turn! Learn how to play Nuu in Blitz here.

Enigma, Ledger of Ancestry

Enigma taps into the immortal spirits of Misteria for wisdom and power to maintain balance over the realm. She plays around ‘Spectral Shields’ which can attack at a reduced cost and summon using her Chi ability. Learn how to play Enigma in Blitz here.

Zen, Tamer of Purpose

Zen is a humble pilgrim with great battle prowess. Over years of rigorous training, he has reached enlightenment, merging his mind, body and soul. His Chi ability allows him to create a ‘Crouching Tiger’ card which can be placed directly into the player's hand and also search for a combo card to play from his deck. Learn how to play Zen in Blitz here.

Release Date

Part The Mistveil releases worldwide on 31st May 2024. You can access the set early at prerelease events running between 24-27th May 2024 at official GEM registered stores like Gathering Games.

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