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Compete or cooperate with our hand picked selection of board games available at Gathering Games. Whether you’re a casual player who likes to dip their toes into the odd party game or a hardcore euro gamer, we’ll have something for you. Board games can be broadly divided into 4 types. Here’s a quick breakdown to help you find the right game:

Children’s Games: designed to be played by younger players, children’s games are the perfect jumping on point for the eager gamer who’s just starting their journey into board games. But don’t be fooled by the title, because children’s games can be a ton of fun for adults. Try playing Stomp The Plank with a group of adults and tell me that wasn’t insanely fun!

Family Games: designed as another entry point into games, but a nudge more complex than the typical children’s game. Family games, as the title says, are meant to be played with a variety of ages and work brilliantly when played with children and parents. Miller Zoo is a perfect example of this as it works so well to ease the younger players into the more complex systems of games that you might find in the next type of game…

Strategy Games: designed for the avid and hardcore gamers. Strategy games include a variety of styles of games, with the most popular being worker placement games, area control games, engine building games and deckbuilding games. If you enjoy tense decision making and the odd case of analysis paralysis, then a good old strategy game is what you’re looking for. Looking for a good jumping on point that balances complexity with accessibility? Check out Wingspan!

Party Games: designed to get people talking and laughing. Party games are great to bring to a casual get together with friends who might not play many games. You’ll find plenty of low complexity and easy to learn games that will get your group hooked on board games in less than 5 minutes. Looking for something for the next trivia night you’re planning? Why not try CDSK?

Check out our full selection of trading card games, miniatures and roleplaying games here at Gathering Games.

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