Cockroach Poker

Drei Magier Spiele

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20 mins

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Cockroach Poker is a clever and fast-paced card game that challenges players' bluffing skills. The aim of the game is to avoid getting four of the same critters in front of you. The deck contains 64 cards, each with a different critter such as spiders, bats, and scorpions.

On your turn, you pick a card from your hand, place it face down in front of another player and claim that it is a certain critter. The receiving player must then decide whether to call your bluff by saying "true" or "false." If they guess correctly, you keep the card in front of you, otherwise, they take the card and place it in front of them.

If the receiving player is unsure of the critter, they can choose to peek at the card and pass it to another player, either claiming the same critter or a new one. However, if a player challenges a critter that has already been seen by all players, they must accept the card.

The game ends when a player has four of the same critters in front of them or if a player runs out of cards in their hand. That player loses the game, and the remaining players are declared the winners. With its simple rules and entertaining gameplay, Cockroach Poker is a game that is sure to provide hours of fun for players of all skill levels.