Warhammer: The Old World

Warhammer returns to its roots with the reboot of the original Warhammer: Fantasy, now called ‘Warhammer: The Old World’. The Old World is the original setting of the high-fantasy realm of Warhammer, set before the Age of Sigmar. The ‘Known World’ is ruled by rival factions such as the Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, the Undead and Chaos. Few alliances exist in The Old World, and tension is high. At Gathering Games, you can shop all the latest Warhammer: The Old World miniatures and accessories.

Top Picks for 2024

Kingdom Of Bretonnia Box Set: In the Old World, the Kingdom of Bretonnia are best known for their military prowess. The Knights of Bretonnia are considered the most well trained across the Old World. With a mix of new and old sculpts, the Bretonnia box set has an expansive collection of miniatures to kickstart your human army. This box set is valuable as it includes 76 miniatures (totalling 1250 points!), a rulebook and all accessories required to play The Old World.

Tomb Kings of Khemri Box Set: The Tomb Kings were the glorious rulers of an ancient civilisation of men known as the Nehekhara. Their Golden Age of rule has since been forgotten, though the Tomb Kings are now waking from deep sleep in their graves. The Tomb Kings box set is the perfect place to start an army of the zombie faction. It includes 93 miniatures totalling a whopping 1250 points, a rulebook and all accessories required to play The Old World.

Orc & Goblin Tribes - Battalion: The Orcs and Goblins, while found en masse across the Old World, actually originate from a different planet from the Old World. Also known as the Greenskins, they are most known for their favour of violence and their barbaric nature. They frequently battle among their race and have a long history of civil wars. The Orc and Goblin Battalion contains 73 plastic miniatures to get you started with a Greenskins army. Unlike the previous faction box sets, this doesn’t include any extras, so pick up the Ravening Hordes book for all the rules and datasheets required to run an Orc and Goblin Tribes army.

Warhammer: The Old World Buying Guide

Games Workshop took a conservative approach to rebooting Warhammer Fantasy. While the new rulebook has been updated, it is still very much the game that was loved by many before it was dropped. If you still have your old miniatures lying around, picking up the rulebook would be the best item to purchase to play again. 

Along with the core rule book come new and updated faction rule books. The Forces Of Fantasy book covers all the primary units of the Dwarfen Mountain Holds, Empire of Man, Kingdom of Bretonnia, Wood Elf Realms and High Elf Realms. The Ravening Hordes book covers all the primary units of Orc and Goblin Tribes, Warriors of Chaos, Beastmen Brayherds and Tomb Kings of Khemri. 

Each faction will also receive a smaller supplement book, the Arcane Journal, to cover any significant rule changes and new unit stats.

Beyond that, each faction comes with a larger box set containing a large collection of miniatures and numerous smaller box sets, which often include brand new units or new sculpts for previous units. Which faction will be your choice?

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Why Choose Warhammer: The Old World

For many Warhammer Fantasy players of the past, hearing that their favourite wargrame was being dropped was a devastating blow. Warhammer Fantasy was loved for its unforgiving and immersive ruleset that rewarded a good understanding of the different faction armies. While Age of Sigmar was seen as a fresh start for the high-fantasy version of Warhammer, the experience it provided was different from what most Fantasy players wanted.

The popularity of Warhammer: Fantasy exploded again more recently, with the highly popular Total War: Warhammer video games being set in The Old World of the original Warhammer: Fantasy. This triggered Games Workshop’s change in stance on the franchise, which eventually led to the full blown reboot that is Warhammer: The Old World. 

The popularity of the reboot of The Old World miniatures was unprecedented. It has brought many players who previously moved on from Warhammer back into the hobby yet again. Newer Warhammer franchises started streamlining rule sets in favour of accessibility, but this left old fans wishing that the old design style was still supported. The ruleset of Warhammer: The Old World is still very much how it was as Warhammer: Fantasy - deep, rich and unapologetically thematic. It’s fair to say that Warhammer: The Old World is back and here to stay.

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