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Digimon Card Game is a trading card game inspired by the popular manga and anime which started in 1997. Digimon was Bandai’s attempt to expand on the idea of the Tamagotchi into a fully fledged IP. While the card game had previously been unsuccessful, the system has been tweaked to create one of the market's most unique collectable card games. With over 15 core set releases, it’s fair to say that Digimon Card Game is now here to stay. At Gathering Games, we stock the latest set releases and official accessories for the Digimon TCG. Shop now!

Top Picks for 2024

Secret Crisis (BT17): Secret Crisis is the next main set to release for the Digimon TCG and features new cards featured in multiple Digimon movies. The early release of Secret Crisis in Japan has shifted the competitive meta, introducing new archetypes and supporting older decks.

Omnimon, ShineGreymon, and other hero Digimon will receive brand new ACE cards, while villain Digimon, including Armageddomon, Eosmon, and Menoa, will also make a return. From Digimon Seekers, Fenriloogamon, Chaosdramon, and Kazuchimon all receive new support. Diaboromon fans will also receive new support in the form of a brand new special win condition…

Digimon Liberator (EX07): Digimon Liberator is the tie-in expansion set for the Digimon Card Game based around a webcomic and web novel. The webcomic story is set around Shoto Kazama, a boy with little success playing the Digimon Card Game. Shoto enters an immersive digital world called ‘Digimon Liberator’ where he encounters numerous Digimon to develop his skills as a player. EX07 features new Digimon and Tamer cards from the new stories and is designed to expand on the ST18 and ST19 starter decks.

Starter Deck Guardian Vortex (ST18): This starter deck features Shoto Kazama and the Pteromon line from the Digimon Liberator webcomic. Filled with bird-type Digimon cards, it revolves around the boss monster Zepgagamon, which uses Vortex to attack on the turn it was played and can unsuspend a Digmon when digivolving. Also included in the deck are the powerful ‘Training’ cards that have found their place in a wide variety of decks in the competitive meta.

Starter Deck Fable Waltz (ST19): This starter deck features Arisa Kinosaki and the Shoemon line of Digimon from the Digimon Liberator web novel. Filled with virus and data type Digimon cards, it plays around the level 6 boss monster Cendrillmon, which can attack without suspending at the end of a turn. Again, this deck includes the staple ‘Training’ cards as parallel art variants.

Digimon TCG Buying Guide

Decks: These are the perfect starting point for anyone looking to begin their Digimon journey. Each starter deck provides a curated deck ready to play straight out of the box. The ‘starter’ decks are generally designed with new players in mind but also include exclusive promos that are often staple cards used in the game, meaning they are great to pick up for new and veteran players alike. The starter decks are great for casual play or upgrading into competitive decks. The ‘advanced’ decks are more suited for experienced players, providing a more complex and competitive deck out of the box, as more valuable cards are packed into it.

Booster Boxes: As with any trading card game, booster packs are the most popular way to acquire new cards. Each Digimon Card Game booster pack comes with 12 randomised booster packs. Every booster pack contains at least 1 rare card, so each pack gives a chance at getting one of the most valuable cards in the set. Each set generally contains a different collection of cards. Main/core sets (denoted by the ‘BT’ set code) contain around 120 different cards, while expansion/mini sets (denoted by the ‘EX’ set code) contain around 60 cards. A booster box of a main set is also a great place to start a collection, as it usually provides enough cards to build a couple of decks with.

Accessories: Digimon Card Game has ‘standard’ sized cards, so they fit perfectly into any ‘standard’ sized sleeves, deck boxes and portfolios designed for other card games such as Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon and One Piece: Card Game. Bandai also produces a number of Digimon branded accessories, such as binders and playmats.

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Why Choose Digimon: Card Game

Digimon Card Game uses one of the most unique systems of all currently available trading card games, taking some inspiration from Pokemon TCG and Magic: The Gathering and creating brand new ideas not seen among its competitors. ‘Digivolving’ works similarly to evolutions in Pokemon but can be done across different lines of evolution, allowing more freedom to beef up your Digimon throughout games. The most interesting part of the Digimon TCG has to be its resource system called ‘memory’. If a player over consumes memory available to them by playing high cost cards, the excess is given to the opponent to use on their turn. This creates a unique and tense ‘tug of war’ system that defines the Digimon system.

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