Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Paradox Rift TCG

Introducing Paradox Rift TCG! The very latest from the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trading card set and the 4th iteration from the set. Like many of the Scarlet & Violet sets before it, the Paradox Rift set is a mammoth one, consisting of 182 cards, and that’s before we include the 84 rares… Regarded again as one of the most stunning Pokemon card sets, the Paradox Rift really has some stunning full art cards, including new legendary EX cards.

You’ll need some wits about you to complete this latest set, which, as you’ve probably guessed, will consist of the first iteration of the ‘Paradox’ Pokemon cards, along-side previous favourites ‘Ancient’ & ‘future’ trading cards, which of course will feature all new variations. Paradox Rift is guaranteed to become a firm favourite from Pokemon card collectors, so grab your packs at Gathering Games now! 

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