Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Obsidian Flames TCG

Pokemon Obsidian Flames TCG is the very latest expansion from the Scarlet & Violet trading card range. Shop the third release of the Scarlet & Violet Obsidian Flames TCG at Gathering Games to build out that stellar collection of yours! Consisting of over 190 Pokemon Cards, Obsidian Flames promises to deliver the most stunning new variations of full art, illustration cards & EX Cards to date.

Chance your luck to see if you can grab one of the 6 newest rare illustration cards, or one of the 12 ultra rare Obsidian Flames full art-etched ex cards, from the likes of Charizard to Tyranitar. The surprise twist with the latest Scarlet & Violet TCG offering is that the likes of super popular cards that everyone knows and loves are likely to give you a shock. The Obsidian Flame collection flips certain tera ex type cards on their heads, meaning that a Charizard may no longer be that Fire Pokemon the world has known to love…

Consisting of 4 art packs, the Obsidian Flame TCG collection promises to be one of the best to date!

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