The Walking Dead Universe RPG Core Rules

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In the Enigmatic World of the Walking Survivors RPG Core Rules, you'll embody resilient individuals battling for existence in an uncompromising and mysterious realm inspired by the iconic television series. The obstacles you confront are far from ordinary, manifesting unexpectedly from various sources – whether it be the scarcity of vital resources, the simmering conflicts within your faction, concealed structural weaknesses in your refuge, or the relentless approach of hordes of relentless pursuers hungry for your very essence.

Within this gripping game, you have two distinct ways to engage: campaign mode and survival mode. In the campaign, the narrative unfolds without preordained paths – your aspirations, decisions, and the outcomes of your struggle for survival collectively weave the tale. Survival mode thrusts you into pre-established, high-stakes predicaments that demand immediate attention, immersing you in dramatic and perilous situations. Moreover, survival mode scenarios often feature iconic locations and characters reminiscent of the TV series.