Citadel Colour: Parade Ready Paint Set

Games Workshop

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If you're looking to add some vibrancy and enhance the appearance of your miniatures, the Citadel Colour: Parade Ready Paint Set is the perfect choice. Citadel paints are renowned for their exceptional quality and popularity among hobbyists. Whether you need paint for basing, shading, highlighting, texture, or touch-ups, Games Workshop has got you covered.

Featuring a comprehensive range of Citadel Contrast, Base, Shade, Dry, Layer, and Technical paints, this set provides every colour you could possibly need. Each paint is meticulously crafted to offer smooth application, consistent coverage, and a stunning finish. With Citadel paints, your miniatures are guaranteed to look their best.

The Parade Ready Paint Set also includes Citadel Shade paints, which are specifically designed to add depth and definition to your models. These shades are perfect for bringing out details and creating shadowed areas. With a variety of tones to choose from, you can easily achieve the desired effect on your miniatures.

  • 1x Liberator Gold
  • 1x Stormhost Silver
  • 1x Wazdakka Red
  • 1x Evil Sunz Scarlet
  • 1x Tuskgor Fur
  • 1x Doombull Brown
  • 1x Deathclaw Brown
  • 1x Skrag Brown
  • 1x Ushabti Bone
  • 1x Screaming Skull
  • 1x Cadian Fleshtone
  • 1x Kislev Flesh
  • 1x Flayed One Flesh
  • 1x Pallid Wych Flesh
  • 1x Straken Green
  • 1x Warboss Green
  • 1x Nurgling Green
  • 1x Warpstone Glow
  • 1x Moot Green
  • 1x Ahriman Blue
  • 1x Altdorf Guard Blue
  • 1x Calgar Blue
  • 1x Fenrisian Grey
  • 1x Russ Grey
  • 1x Dawnstone
  • 1x Administratum Grey
  • 1x Flash Gitz Yellow
  • 1x Yriel Yellow
  • 1x Xereus Purple
  • 1x Genestealer Purple