Star Wars: Unlimited (SWU) - Spark Of Rebellion

Spark Of Rebellion (SWU) is the first set of the brand new Star Wars themed trading card game (TCG) created by Fantasy Flight Games. The introductory set mostly covers the time span of the original Star Wars Trilogy (episodes 4, 5 and 6), featuring characters such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Han Solo and Princess Leia, but expect to see some special appearances from well known characters from the wider lore of the Star Wars Universe.

Product Range

Spark Of Rebellion contains a variety of items available to purchase:

-Booster packs and booster boxes give the traditional TCG experience of randomised hits. There is no guarantee on cards you get from a booster box. Instead, each booster pack provides a chance of getting some of the most rare cards in the set.

-The 2 Player Starter Set is the perfect jumping on point if you want to dip your toes into the game without a huge investment. It contains 2 ready to play decks based around the two most legendary leaders in the set, Luke Skywalker and Dark Vader! There is no randomisation in this though. You get all cards named on the back of the box.

Special Cards

The chase cards of the Spark Of Rebellion set is, without a doubt, the ‘Showcase Cards’, which are special art variant of the most powerful leader cards in the set. Consider yourself lucky if you do get a ‘Showcase Card’, as there is only 1 in every 12 booster boxes!

There are also ‘Hyperspace’ variants of cards, which can be a special bordered version of any card in the set, though these are generally more common compared to the very rare ‘Showcase Cards’.

Release Date

Star Wars Unlimited: Spark Of Rebellion is available from 8th March 2024, but can be played early at a prerelease event and an official Organised Play store like Gathering Games.

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