5-Minute Dungeon: Curses! Foiled Again! Expansion

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Curses! Foiled Again! is the long-awaited expansion to 5-Minute Dungeon, a chaotic, co-operative, real-time card game.

What Is 5-Minute Dungeon?

5-Minute Dungeon is a co-operative, real-time card game that plays in 5 minutes! Now play with up to 6 players!

Co-operative: All players are working together against the dungeon, which makes it easy for new players to join, even if they are not hardcore gamers.

Fast Paced: There are no turns. You’re all racing against the clock to defeat the cards in the dungeon before time runs out!

Flexible: Rounds are short—only 5 minutes—and you can swap between heroes or even add or drop players between rounds.

What's New?

Two new heroes have joined the party, with powerful special abilities and a new deck of cards. With them by your side, you can now play with up to six players!

Each of the bosses now gets their own custom deck of five Boss Cards, giving each dungeon its own unique personality.

And the Boss Cards introduce a new type of card to the dungeon: Curses! These cards change the game in strange new ways, and once encountered, they stick around for the rest of the dungeon.

The heroes have unearthed six powerful Artifacts with game-changing effects. These are shared by the party, and you can use them whenever you want… but only once per dungeon! And the fewer heroes you have on your team, the more artifacts you bring along, giving a helpful boost to smaller parties.