Alice Is Missing

Hunters Entertainment

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Set in the small town of Silent Falls, Northern California, players will step into the shoes of high school juniors searching for their missing friend, Alice Briarwood. This innovative RPG is played entirely via text message, allowing you to uncover clues and hints in real-time to unravel the truth behind Alice's disappearance. But beware - the clues may lead you down a dangerous path.

With no verbal communication, players inhabit their characters for the entirety of the 2-3 hour play session, sending text messages back and forth in a group chat and individually, as though they're in the same place together. This unique format creates a deeply personal and emotional experience that puts a strong focus on player engagement and storytelling.

Alice is Missing offers a beautiful and tense atmosphere, as the story unfolds organically through the text messages sent by the players. The first 45 minutes are dedicated to creating your character and establishing your relationship with Alice, setting the stage for the gripping 90-minute story that follows.

Experience a thrilling mystery that's both innovative and deeply personal with Alice is Missing RPG.

Use this official video as an atmospheric soundtrack but also a timer for the game: