Alien RPG: Core Book

Free League

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Ready you pulse rifles and gear up, as Free League Publishing brings you a brand new RPG, set in the world of Alien.

Based on the 1979 film, Free League Publishing have developed the Alien RPG, using their Year Zero game engine. This core rulebook has over 300 pages of mythology and artwork, allowing you to construct and build adventures and campaigns all set in the world of Alien.

The Alien RPG Core Rulebook has two modes that can be utilised; Campaign Mode and Cinematic Mode. In Campaign Mode, players can expect longer gameplay, reminiscent of most RPGs, with the ability to adjust the story as they see fit and build it from the ground up. If you are new to RPGs though or want an experience that can be completed in one sitting, then Cinematic Mode will allow just that. It is designed in such a way as to allow players to enjoy an authentic RPG experience in just one sitting, with no preparation required at all. It will contain all the rules necessary for the campaign, as well as utilising pre-built characters and pre-generated stories.

Alien RPG aims to capture the essence of the original films and transfer the fear and tension into a tabletop RPG. Are you ready to face the Xenomorphs!?

  • Physical copy of Alien RPG: Core Book
  • Includes complimentary PDF (digital copy)