An Age Contrived

Bellows Intent

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60-120 min

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Discover the captivating realm of An Age Contrived, an extraordinary fantasy euro game that blends the art of engine building and resource programming. Assume the role of a deity within the mystical Eldranic pantheon, where your divine power is intricately intertwined with the faith and belief bestowed upon you by the denizens of an ever-changing world. Your ultimate objective is to establish yourself as the preeminent god of the pantheon, guiding the mortal realm from its shadowed era into a glorious civilization.

Equipped with a personalized character board and a transmutation device, you will harness your celestial energy to shape the mortal realm according to your divine will. Employ this vital energy to erect awe-inspiring monuments, lay claim to uncharted territories, and accomplish extraordinary feats that will leave an indelible mark on history. Strategically bind your energy for end-game scoring, while unlocking new reserves to replenish your divine reserves. The game culminates when the final monument stands tall, and the player with the highest accumulation of points ascends to victory.

Embark on a journey of unyielding agency, where each turn presents two distinct paths, unbound by rounds or phases. Players must choose to either charge their transmutation device, openly programming its power, or expend their accumulated energy to execute a multitude of pre-programmed actions. Information is laid bare for all to see, and luck is confined solely to the initial arrangement of game tiles. It is through your choices that the intricate tapestry of the game unfolds.

Prepare to unlock extraordinary abilities unique to each player, as you construct a dynamic game board that unfolds differently with every playthrough. Explore five diverse avenues to cultivate and enhance your divine engine, inspiring calculated foresight while demanding adaptability to emerge victorious.