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10-15 mins

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Get ready to put your intuition and cooperation skills to the test with Bandido - the exciting game where players must work together to catch a high-security prisoner attempting to escape through tunnels beneath his cell. With its strategic gameplay and keen observation challenges, Bandido is a must-have for families looking for a fun and exciting cooperative game.

With over 300,000 copies sold worldwide, Bandido is a game that's easy to learn but not necessarily easy to win, making it perfect for players of all ages.

Bandido is a game of cooperation and strategy. Here's how to play:

Stop the prison break:

Players must prevent the prisoner from escaping by playing cards to close off tunnels that lead to his cell.

Cooperate to win:

Players must work together to stop the prisoner's escape plan. Each player takes turns playing a card, and players must discuss and strategize to determine the best move.

Use your intuition:

Players must also use their intuition and observation skills to identify and block potential escape routes before it's too late.

Winning the game:

To win, players must use their cards strategically to block all escape routes and trap the prisoner in his cell.

Losing the game:

If the prisoner manages to escape, the game is lost. But don't worry - with its quick setup and fast-paced gameplay, you can always try again for a chance at victory!

Inside the Bandido box, you'll find everything you need for a thrilling game night:

  • 69 cards
  • 1 super card