Battle Spirits Saga: Aquatic Invaders (BSS03) Booster Box


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Dive into a realm of strategy with Battle Spirits Saga: Aquatic Invaders (BSS03)! The tides of gameplay turn even more intriguing as the latest card colour, BLUE, surfaces to join the existing array of six hues. Prepare to revolutionize your tactics as you now hold the power to dismantle your opponent's deck, unleashing waves of disruption!

Within the depths of the BLUE faction, formidable spirits like the War Gods emerge, setting their sights on dominion over each realm's sanctuary. Steering the game's dynamics towards nexuses, the BLUE faction introduces ingenious effects that can ripple through your opponent's deck structure. As the currents of change flow, this expansion breathes fresh vitality into established archetypes belonging to the other five colours, crafting an unparalleled tapestry of diverse gaming possibilities.

Immerse yourself in a saga where strategic depth meets the uncharted waters of BLUE, and get ready to make waves in the ever-evolving meta!

The number of different X Rares has been increased from 12 to 14!

For this set only, blue is getting 4 types of X Rares and the other colours are getting 2 each! This lets you construct lots of different kinds of decks with the new colour blue!

272 Types Total:

  • 68x Common (normal/holo ver.)
  • 32x Uncommon (normal/holo ver.)
  • 24x Rare (normal/holo ver.)
  • 14x X Rare
  • 9x Special Rare
  • 1x Saga Rare