Cartaventura Odyssey


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45 mins

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Cartaventura Odyssey is a collection of narrative card games for the whole family. Experience great historical adventures with multiple endings! Your objective: complete the 3 chapters of the story and discover all the secret cards by making the right choices.

In Cartaventura Odyssey: The Treasure of Libertalia, play as a young sailor with dreams of adventure, piracy and legendary treasures!

Cartaventura Odyssey is the Cartaventura experience for the whole family, from 6 years old! An adventure in which you're the (young) hero, with very simple rules, captivating worlds for young and old alike, and a fun way to learn about history, thanks to educational content written by specialists.

Each scenario of Cartaventura Odyssey is composed of 3 chapters of about 20 minutes each. As the game progresses, players reveal secret cards that give access to new parts of the story. By replaying the adventure, they can discover all possible endings. During their adventure, they also unlock the 10 Knowledge cards to learn about the history of piracy while having fun.