Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale

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30-45 mins

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Roll and Writes are 10 a penny so it takes something special to stand out. Some games do this be changing the ‘roll’ of dice to a ‘flip’ of a card. Cartographers is one of those flip and write games. Set in the Roll Player universe you will be mapping out a region of that world.

Each player will take a sheet with a grid on it. Across the grid are ruins and mountains and possible a massive canyon, depending on the difficulty chosen. You will then set up the cards for the current season. The four seasons you play through get progressively smaller - in theory, so you will need to make forward thinking decisions from the off. To score points you must collect coins, and achieve goals. Four goal cards are laid out but only two are scored each season. A & B, then B & C, then C & D, before D & A. This means each card will score twice and that you know when they will score, allowing you to plan ahead. Of course most games you will get lost in a couple of the objectives, forgetting the ones you were meant to concentrate on this round!

Each turn a card is drawn given you a shape or two to choose from and a terrain or two also. You will each sketch one of these terrain/shape combos on to your map, anywhere you like. Depending on the scoring cards you might want to cover ruins or place next to mountains or near the edge of the board.

Monsters add a touch of interaction to proceedings. When one appears you hand you sheet to another player who draws the monster on to it. Cartographers may not sound like it, but it’s a engrossing and engaging game that you’ll come back to time and time again.

Player count: 1-100
Time: 30-45 minutes
Age rating: 10+