Century: Golem Edition

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30-45 mins

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Introducing the enchanting world of Century: Enchanted Road! In this re-imagined version of Century: Spice Road, players take on the role of magical creatures traveling along the Enchanted Road, delivering enchanted artifacts to distant kingdoms.

Each turn, players can choose from four different actions to move closer to their goal:

  • Establish an enchantment route by acquiring an artifact card from the market
  • Cast a spell to collect enchanted elements or transform them into artifacts to sell
  • Fulfill a quest by meeting the requirements of a victory point card and claiming it
  • Take a break to refresh your magical energy by retrieving all played cards from the gameboard.

Once a player has claimed their fifth victory point card, the final round is triggered and the player with the most victory points is declared the winner. Are you ready to embark on a mystical journey along the Enchanted Road?

Complexity: 1.5/5
Players: 2 - 5
Playtime: 30 - 45 minutes
Ages: 8+
Mechanics: Engine Building