Citadel Colour: Base Paint Set

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Base paints are the starting point of most painting projects. The high pigment count of these paints means they provide excellent coverage with strong, vibrant coats, giving you a base of rich colour to apply highlights and shading with other paints.

This set gathers 15 of the most frequently used Base colours together in one convenient selection. You’ll find metallic paints and primary colours, as well as paints for browns, bone, skin tones, and black and white – all carefully selected to cover the most common colours. You’ll also find that most of these colours are in the mid-tone range, ready to take some darker shading and lighter highlights to help bring out the details. Plus, you’ll save money over buying each pot individually.

Combine this set with the Shade, Contrast, and Layer paint sets – each sold separately – for an excellent start to your Citadel Colour selection.

This set includes 12ml pots of the following colours:

  • 1x Abaddon Black
  • 1x Corax White
  • 1x Mechanicus Standard Grey
  • 1x Wraithbone
  • 1x Mephiston Red
  • 1x Rhinox Hide
  • 1x Mournfang Brown
  • 1x Bugman's Glow
  • 1x Zandri Dust
  • 1x Averland Sunset
  • 1x Macragge Blue
  • 1x Waaagh! Flesh
  • 1x Orruk Flesh
  • 1x Leadbelcher
  • 1x Balthasar Gold