City Of The Great Machine

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60-90 mins

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Introducing "City Of The Great Machine" - an immersive experience that takes you to a world where a powerful artificial intelligence network controls a mobile city built on steam-powered platforms high up in the sky.

As the Great Machine, you will lead an army of perfected Servants and mechanical Guards. Your ultimate mission is to quell social unrest and bring about the perfection of mankind through your grandiose Master Plan.

Or, you can choose to be a Hero and work against the Great Machine, joining forces with other rebels to incite dissent, fuel riots, and attempt to bring about a revolution.

With each side believing that their cause is just and necessary, the choice is yours to make. Will you be the one who restores order to the City or will you be the one who leads the rebellion to overthrow the Great Machine? The fate of the City lies in your hands.

Complexity: 3.5/5
Players: 1 - 4
Theme: Steampunk
Mechanics: Hidden Movement
Game Type: Competitive (with additional solo and coop rules)