Digimon Card Game: Alternative Being (EX04) Booster Box


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Discover new and unique digivolutions with the DIGIMON CARD GAME - ALTERNATIVE BEING BOOSTER DISPLAY EX-04. This set features 74 cards that showcase different subspecies of Digimon, such as [GreyKnightsmon] and [Omnimon Alter-S]. Each booster display contains 24 packs of 12 cards each, with a chance to pull rare cards with stunning artwork and effects. Enhance your deck with these powerful and versatile cards!

The DIGIMON CARD GAME - ALTERNATIVE BEING BOOSTER DISPLAY EX-04 is a great addition to your Digimon card collection. You can use this set to boost your [Gallantmon], [Sakuyamon], and [MegaGargomon] decks from EX02, or explore the popular [Royal Knights] theme. You can also enjoy the thrilling gameplay and stunning visuals of the Digimon Card Game, which combines strategy, luck, and nostalgia in a fun and engaging way.