Ruins Of Symbaroum: Bestiary

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With the Ruins of Symbaroum game line, the acclaimed setting of Symbaroum comes to the world's most popular roleplaying game rules! This Bestiary, with its awe-inspiring and award-winning artwork, presents monsters, creatures and adversaries that can be encountered in the world of Symbaroum, with stats and rules adapted to the 5th Edition OGL ruleset!

Explorers beware! More than a hundred creatures, monsters and abominations are crammed together between these covers - some of them well known, others only mentioned in legends and fairy tales; some unstoppably hungry, others open to negotiations; some presented in detail, others with only short descriptions. Call them Bestiaals, Night Swarmers, Illgoblins, Nefarani or Skullbiters - the creatures of Symbaroum are all capable of turning your forest expedition into a terrifying nightmare!

  • More than thirty fully described and beautifully illustrated creatures with the potential to be at the centre of unique adventures and challenges in Symbaroum.
  • Close to 60 additional creatures, sorted into categories such as Abominations, Predators, Spiders and Undead, and presented with short descriptions and stat blocks.
  • A similar section introducing 60+ generic non-player characters, grouped in classes such as Champions of Prios, People of Davokar, Townsfolk, Elves and Trolls.
  • Approximately 200 features, traits, reactions, lair actions and more, to be used when you design unique monstrosities to challenge your players.
  • Guidelines and rules for terrain features, covering Cities and Towns, Farmlands, Forests, Swamps, and more.

This module contains

  • 115 Journal Entries (Rules, creature/adversaries and The Art of Symbaroum)

  • 177 Actor Entries (Adversaries, Monsters & templates)

  • 30 RollTable Entries