Everdell: Mistwood

Starling Games

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Lurking in the depths of Mistwood, the cunning and villainous Nightweave plots to take over Everdell with the aid of her spiderlings. Pit your wits against Nightweave and her sticky schemes in solo or two-player games, and recruit heroes of yore from the More Legends and Corrin Evertail expansion packs as well as transform your farms with the Through Every Season expansion pack!

  • 4x Sets of Worker Meeples (Stoats, Pigs, Butterflies, Spiders)
  • Player Power Cards
  • 13x Web Tokens
  • 1x Season Token
  • 1x Nightweave Big Critter Meeple
  • 1x D12 Dice
  • 2x Nightweave Lair Boards
  • 10x Legendary Cards
  • 5x Corrin Evertail Cards
  • 8x Farm Cards
  • 74x Nightweave Cards