Final Girl: Madness In The Dark

Van Ryder Games

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Welcome to Wolfe Asylum, where madness reigns and the patients are far from healed. The Ratchet Lady is on a rampage, experimenting on the inmates and unleashing a wave of insanity that threatens to consume everyone in its path. As a Final Girl, it's up to you to fight back and survive.

In Insanity Unleashed, you'll face new challenges and dangers, including patients turned into bloodthirsty maniacs by the Ratchet Lady's twisted experiments. You'll need to choose whether to try to calm them down or take them out before they can tear you apart. But the only way to truly end the madness is to confront the Ratchet Lady herself.

Explore the dark and twisted corridors of Wolfe Asylum, where every creak and whisper could be your last. But beware the medicine and other drugs that can enhance your abilities, but at a terrible cost. Will you risk everything to survive?

The Core Box, combined with our Feature Film Boxes, gives you everything you need to experience the horror of Final Girl. Each Feature Film Box includes a unique Killer and Location, and the more Feature Films you have, the more terrifying combinations you can face. Plus, each box is double-sided, with beautifully illustrated covers on the front and back, and the covers are magnetically attached and removable for even more gameplay options.

  • 1x Killer Board
  • 1x Location Board
  • 2x Final Girl Cards
  • 18x Item Cards
  • 24x Terror Cards
  • 3x Finale Cards
  • 10x Event Cards
  • 5x Setup Cards
  • 3x Dark Power Cards
  • 6x Maniac Meeples
  • 2x Action Cards
  • 10x Side Effect Cards
  • 1x Pill Effect Card
  • Miscellaneous Tokens
  • 5x Amped Cards
  • 1x Epic Dark Power Card