Final Girl: Once Upon a Full Moon

Van Ryder Games

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Deep in the heart of the forest, strange things are happening. You and your group are camping in the woods when you hear a strange howl. You ignore it and try to carry on with your night, but you can't shake the feeling that something is watching you. Suddenly, you see a pair of glowing eyes staring back at you from the darkness. It's a werewolf, and it's hungry.

In The Howling Woods, you'll have to face off against a ferocious werewolf that gets stronger and faster as the game progresses. Will you be able to stop it before it's too late? Featuring a unique "hiding" mechanic, you'll have to find clever ways to evade the werewolf as you try to make your escape.

The forest is a maze of trees and winding paths, and you'll need to navigate it carefully if you want to survive. Watch out for traps and obstacles that can slow you down or even kill you! With a new crafting system, you can combine items to create powerful weapons and tools to help you in your fight against the werewolf.

The Core Box, when combined with one of our Feature Film Boxes, has everything you need to play the game. Each Feature Film Box features a unique Killer and iconic Location, and the more Feature Films you have, the more killer/location combinations you can experience! Will you make it out of The Howling Woods alive?