Final Girl: Panic At Station 2891

Van Ryder Games

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Step into the chilling and isolated world of Final Girl: Panic at Station 2891, where an unknown entity has infiltrated the arctic research station where you and a small team of researchers are working. Trapped and with no escape except by helicopter, you must navigate a treacherous landscape fraught with mistrust and danger.

The Organism is an unseen enemy that infects and assimilates its victims, making it difficult to distinguish between friend and foe. To survive, you must use test kits to detect who has been infected and eliminate the mutated victims before the organism spreads further. But beware, The Organism comes in three different forms, making each encounter a unique and unpredictable challenge.

Arctic Station 2891 offers its own unique set of obstacles, with the harsh arctic conditions threatening to take its toll on anyone who ventures outside for too long. The only escape is through the helicopter, which travels between the station and the Arctic airport. Will you risk everything to save your comrades, or will you betray them to ensure your own survival?

The ultimate test of trust and survival awaits in Final Girl: Panic at Station 2891. Can you identify and eliminate The Organism before it's too late, or will you succumb to the arctic conditions and the deadly threat that looms around every corner?