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20-40 mins

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Fort is a Deck Building game about building the best den and making friends. Coming from Leder Games, it features the same cutesy art as Vast and Root, only this time it is perhaps more in line with the theme!

Reimplementing lesser known but highly regarded SPQF, Fort changes the Roman Civ building theme and turns it into this awesome little used theme of friend finding, pizza collecting and fort building!

Deck Building is a mechanic where players start with a weak hand that they try to improve during the game. Fort messes with the formula in a few ways with the players having randomised starting hands and being able to follow other players actions!

Cards come in ones of six suits (and a wild) and have a public action and a private action on them. When you play them you’ll get to do both actions and other players can discard a card of the matching suit to also take the public action. You will also be able to take friends from other players yards - if they are foolish enough to leave them there!

You’ll be collecting pizza and toy tokens along the way with the aim of trading them in to upgrade your fort. Certain levels will gain you a reward, but all will improve you scoring potential!

Fort has a great underused theme that should appeal widely, but backing this up is a solidly designed game with interesting twists and riffs on the standard deck building format. Games with follow actions also mean there is a lot less down time, meaning players are actively engaged throughout the game. Decisions will be tough as you decide whether to follow other people or save cards for your own turn. Deck builder fans are going find a lot to love here but so is everyone else!