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Embark on an adventure with Frosthaven, a standalone game from the creators of the award-winning Gloomhaven. Set in a small outpost located far to the north of the capital city of White Oak, Frosthaven is a survival story of a group of mercenaries struggling to save a settlement on the brink of destruction. The game features 16 new characters, 3 new races, more than 20 new enemies, over 100 new items, and a brand-new 100-scenario campaign.

Frosthaven comes packed with thrilling new content, including:

  • 16 new playable characters, each with unique abilities and backstories.
  • 3 new races: Inox, Algox, and Lurkers, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Over 20 new enemies, ranging from dangerous Yeti-like Algox to creepy Lurkers emerging from the northern sea.
  • More than 100 new items, weapons, and artifacts, each with different stats and abilities to help you survive the harsh weather and fend off your foes.
  • A crafting system that allows you to build items using resources, making every item more valuable and precious.
  • A seasonal event system that adds a new layer of immersion to the game, making you feel like you're really living in this snowy outpost.

In Frosthaven, you'll have to deal with not only the harsh elements, but also various dangerous threats that lurk in the unforgiving cold. Your party of mercenaries must work together to overcome these perils and bring peace to the new races in the region. You'll have to solve numerous mysteries, expand your village by constructing new buildings, and manage your resources carefully.

Frosthaven builds upon the well-known combat mechanisms of Gloomhaven, but adds much more to do outside of combat. You'll have control over how the settlement expands, with each new building offering new ways to progress. Characters and items from Gloomhaven can be used in Frosthaven and vice versa, making it an excellent addition to your board game collection.

Join the adventure and discover the secrets hidden in the frozen wastes of Frosthaven. Will you survive the dangers and help the outpost thrive, or will you succumb to the harsh realities of this unforgiving land? The fate of Frosthaven is in your hands.