I Want My Teeth Back

Exploding Kittens

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10 mins

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A Whimsical Adventure with Cunning Challenges!

Embark on an enchanting journey of dental delights with "I Want My Teeth Back"! This captivating board game introduces a clever "Press Your Luck" mechanic that will have kids and adults alike strategizing to outsmart their opponents. As players venture through the game's storybook world, they'll encounter simple yet engaging matching mechanics, ensuring that even the youngest players experience as much excitement as their older counterparts.

Join our colourful characters in their quest to reclaim their lost teeth and thwart mischievous tooth fairies along the way. The captivating storyline unfolds through the included storybook, setting the stage for a magical game night and a delightful bedtime routine.

"I Want My Teeth Back" is the perfect blend of fun and learning, promoting critical thinking, decision-making, and friendly competition. Unleash your wit and embark on this unique dental adventure that promises smiles, giggles, and everlasting memories!