Iki: Akebono (Expansion)


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Unlock a world of captivating exploration in IKI: Akebono as you traverse the enchanting bridge of Nihonbashi, an awe-inspiring addition to the vibrant Edo landscape. This expanse extends the bustling main street, beckoning players to embark on exciting new ventures. Immerse yourself in the bridge's allure, encountering iconic luminaries of the Edo era, such as the esteemed Hokusai Katsushika, Sanyo Rai, or the illustrious Tokunai Mogami. Engage in prosperous trade opportunities with meticulously crafted ships, ingeniously designed by players, as they gracefully sail along the river.

Prepare to enrich your gameplay experience with the Akebono expansion, introducing an array of fresh character cards, building cards, and a delightful assortment of pipe, tobacco, and fish tokens. Embrace the depths of strategic decision-making as you employ these newfound elements, further enhancing your immersive journey in the captivating world of IKI.