Into the Odd: Remastered

Free League

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In a world shrouded in smoke and haunted by cosmic interference, there is only one city that matters: Bastion. As an Explorer, you venture into the unknown territories beyond the maps and records, seeking out arcane powers and unimaginable riches. You encounter horrors beyond comprehension, but you press on, driven by your insatiable thirst for adventure.

The remastered version of the acclaimed 2014 tabletop RPG, Into the Odd: Remastered, brings the world of Industrial Bastionland to life like never before. The lavish hardback edition features expanded content, all beautifully designed by Johan Nohr of MÖRK BORG fame, and written by Chris McDowall of Electric Bastionland.

Creating a character is a breeze, with starter packages of equipment that are full of flavour. The minimalist rules keep the game moving forward, with fast and decisive combat that ensures every turn counts. Monsters are not merely opponents to be fought for sport, but rather horrific hazards to be feared. Arcana are strange and powerful artifacts, each with their own unique abilities, from opening portals to drawing bones to you like a magnet.

In the game, you'll return to the Iron Coral, the strange expedition location from the original game that has now tripled in size, sprawling across three levels. The surrounding Fallen Marsh now hides four mini-dungeons, and in the North, the desperate port of Hopesend welcomes adventurous travellers looking to explore even further.

The Expanded Oddpendium adds 26 pages of modules and random tables to flesh out the world, allowing you to create weird creatures, find shortcuts across town, and discover what happens when you "eat the stuff." Into the Odd: Remastered is printed and distributed by Free League Publishing, and it is a must-have for fans of minimalist RPGs who crave a rich and challenging world full of adventure and mystery.