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Join the adventure to expand your kingdom in the best-selling family classic, Kingdomino! Match tiles, claim crowns, and build the most impressive kingdom to win the game. But watch out, as other kings will compete for the same terrain!

With its "Game of the Year" award in 2017, Kingdomino is the perfect game for players of all ages.

  • Four starting tiles
  • Four 3D castles
  • 48 dominoes
  • Eight wooden Kings in four colors

As a strategic king, you must expand your land and build your kingdom. But beware of your opponents, who may also want the same terrain!

To start the game, each player selects a starting tile with a unique terrain. Then, in each turn, players must select and connect a new domino to their existing kingdom, ensuring that one of its sides matches a terrain type already in play. The order of the players is determined by the number of crowns on the previous tile. The player with the most crowns chooses last, while the one with the least crowns chooses first in the next round.

To score points, players must have at least one crown in each terrain. The number of points is calculated by multiplying the number of squares of the matching terrain by the number of crowns on it. The player with the highest total score after completing a 5x5 grid or when all tiles are used wins the game and becomes the ruler of the kingdom.

Kingdomino offers four other variations of gameplay, including Middle Kingdom, Dynasty, Harmony, and Mighty Duel. In Middle Kingdom, players score 10 extra points if their castle is in the middle of the grid. In Dynasty, players play three rounds in a row, and the player with the most points wins. In Harmony, players score five extra points if they discard no tiles, while in Mighty Duel, players can use all the tiles to create a 7x7 grid in a two-player game.

With its multiple ways to play, Kingdomino is a sure hit for family game night!

Players: 2 - 4
Playtime: 15 - 25 mins
Ages: 8+
Weight: 1/5