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KLASK is a magnetic dexterity game from Mikkel Bertelsen. Air hockey meets ping pong in this tabletop test of skill and control. Fun for all ages, KLASK is easy to learn and fast to play. It will keep you coming back for more.

The magic of KLASK is in the magnets. Each player slides their hand under their half of the raised playing surface and holds on to a large magnet. This magnet sticks to a smaller, upright magnet on the top of the board that the players will use to move the small ball around. At each end of the board is a goal hole. In between the two players there are three small, magnetic obstacles that can move around.

The aim of the game is to be the first to score five points. These points can be scored in four different ways:

  • Scoring a goal.
  • Your opponent scoring an own goal.
  • Two of the magnetic obstacles sticking to your opponent’s piece.
  • Your opponent losing their game piece over the side of the board.

Every time a point is scored, the player who conceded it will restart the game from the designated corner of the game board.

And that’s all there is to it! KLASK falls into a long tradition of tabletop dexterity games that have been inspired by sports. Unlike some others, it isn’t too bulky. The beautifully made wooden set can be set up on just about any playing surface, as long as both players can comfortably place their hand below the board.

KLASK can be enjoyed by just about anyone. The rules are simple and intuitive - they can be grasped by anyone, from primary school children right through to your grandparents. Anyone who has played a game of air hockey will be familiar with the pace and flow of the game. Start challenging your friends and family and pick up KLASK today!