Lords of Ragnarok: Stretch Goals

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Lords of Ragnarok is a game of epic battles and heroic deeds in the mythical world of Norse mythology. You will lead your clan of warriors and heroes to glory and fame, or to ruin and death. But you are not alone in this quest. The gods themselves are watching your actions and may intervene to aid or hinder you. And as the end of the world draws near, you will face the ultimate challenge: the final battle of Ragnarok!

But there is more to this game than meets the eye. With the Stretch Goals, you will also have a series of enhancements to expand your gaming experience. These stretch goals include:

  • More miniatures: add more variety and detail to your armies with additional sculpts and poses for warriors, heroes, monsters, and gods.
  • More scenarios: explore new aspects of the Norse mythology with additional scenarios that will challenge your strategic and tactical skills.
  • More components: upgrade your game components with higher quality materials, such as metal coins, plastic tokens, custom dice, and more.
  • More gameplay: discover new ways to play Lords of Ragnarok with optional rules, variants, and expansions that will add more depth and replayability to the game.
  • Heimdall monument with associated help and artifact cards
  • Hel monument with associated help and artifact cards
  • Fenrir model with monster card
  • Jormungandr model with monster card
  • Kraken model with monster card
  • Huldra model with monster card
  • Advanced solo automa components
  • Skuld hero with associated tray and token
  • Egil hero with associated tray and token
  • 5th player army models and components
  • extra realm cards
  • extra artifact cards
  • extra combat cards
  • extra events cards
  • extra monster attack cards