Magic The Gathering - Commander Legends Battle For Baldur's Gate Commander Deck - Draconic Dissent

Wizards Of The Coast

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Magic: The Gathering's second Commander-focused set takes players directly to one of the most popular locations in D&D, Baldur's Gate.

One of Magic's most popular formats is also a great way to introduce new players to the game. These preconstructed 100-card decks are ideal for new players to learn and enjoy the game. Commander decks are the perfect gift for players who are just starting out in Magic: The Gathering. These decks will help players to familiarise themselves with basic strategy, settings, characters, and the mechanics of the game.

• Multiple deck variants available, choose from Party Time, Mind Flayarrs, Draconic Descent and Exit from Exile.
• Pre-constructed 100-card deck, ideal for new players.
• Cards that are unique to the Commander series.

• 1 x 2-card Collector Booster Sample Pack
• 1 x Commander Display Card
• 1 x 100 Card Deck
• 10 x Token Cards
• 1 x Life Wheel
• 1 x Deck Box