Marvel Crisis Protocol: Earth's Mightiest Core Set

Atomic Mass Games

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Dive into an unending battle with the Earth's Mightiest Core Set, designed exclusively for Marvel: Crisis Protocol enthusiasts! Unveil a collection of 13 brand-new miniatures portraying iconic heroes and villains, beckoning you to curate your own extraordinary team drawn from the vast expanse of the Marvel Universe. Immerse yourself anew in clashes of monumental scale and significance.

Beyond the selection of your heroic assembly, this set goes above and beyond by granting you the authority to personalize every facet of your Marvel: Crisis Protocol escapade. Encounter a treasure trove of 26 terrain miniatures, enabling the creation of bespoke battlefields that encapsulate your strategic vision. Engage with 6 novel Crisis Cards that introduce fresh scenarios, propelling your tactical aptitude to greater heights. Elevate your gameplay even further with 20 Team Tactic cards, meticulously shaping and refining your team's proficiencies and capacities.