Meadow: Downstream

Rebel Studios

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Meadow: Downstream is the ultimate expansion for nature lovers and fans of the original Meadow game. Embark on a new adventure to explore the wonders of aquatic environments, from tranquil streams to raging rivers. With over 80 new cards showcasing the diverse flora and fauna of these ecosystems, players will have the chance to witness the beauty of aquatic wildlife up close.

The expansion introduces an exciting new kayaking mechanic, allowing players to compete against each other while progressing down the river. And with a two-sided river board, players can choose between a fast stream and a calm river, offering two distinct levels of difficulty to suit their preferences.

Meadow: Downstream also includes a thematic envelope, adding an element of surprise and discovery to the game. So gather your friends and family and dive into the breathtaking world of Meadow: Downstream.