Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood - Pouch Pack

Shadowborne Games

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When you return from a fresh kill there's nothing quite like the feel of a heavy coin pouch being thrown to your waiting palm. With the pouch pack upgrade you get to live the fantasy moment for real.

The Coin Pouch made from blue faux velvet with a silver trim that is more than large enough to hold all your metal coins. On top of the ornate Coin Pouch, there is an even bigger crimson faux velvet Dice Pouch that feels like a bag full of jewels, ready to change the course of your Oathsworn’s fortunes. Lastly there is the black Ornate Cloth Save Bags for all 12 characters and the Free Company that have silvery finish and are more than big enough for holding 60 fully sleeved cards each.


  • 13x Ornate Cloth Save Bags
  • 1x Ornate Metal Coin Pouch
  • 1x Large Ornate Dice Bag