Paperback Adventures: Ex-Machina Character Box

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Welcome to the thrilling world of Paperback Adventures - a solo-focused game designed from the ground up as a strategic and highly-replayable word game. With additional gameplay variants available for cooperative play between two players, this game is sure to offer endless hours of fun.

Get ready to meet Ex Machina, the metal hero from the future! With his Metal Shell, he can take hits like a champ, and once powered up, he unleashes his Laser Eyes to defeat his enemies. With a unique set of items and letter cards, Ex Machina is the toughest protagonist in Paperback Adventures.

In this product, you'll receive one CHARACTER BOX that includes a Character Tray with Tokens designed by Game Trayz™, a Character Card, six Enemy Cards, six Reward Cards, 60 Letter Cards with sleeves, five Item Cards with sleeves, four McGuffin Cards with sleeves, and four Core Cards (two in envelope) with sleeves. The Character Tray and Tokens have been crafted to the highest quality, ensuring durability and longevity for your gaming experience.

Join Ex Machina in his quest to save the world and defeat his enemies, using his unique set of skills and items to overcome any challenge. With its engaging gameplay and thrilling storyline, Paperback Adventures is the ultimate solo word game for all adventure-seekers out there.