Pathfinder RPG: Rage Of Elements Pocket Edition Rulebook

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Ignite like a blazing sun! Surge like untamed waves! Resonate like echoing rockslides! Embark on an odyssey to harness the unparalleled might of primordial forces in Pathfinder RPG: Rage of Elements - Pocket Edition Rulebook. This compact 224-page compendium is your gateway to mastering the foundational elements that shape the very bedrock of existence within the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

Within these pages, the boundless dominion of elements beckons, granting you the power to commandeer their essence. The kineticist class, an innovative addition, ushers in the essence of one of fantasy's most cherished hero archetypes to the world of Pathfinder. Immerse yourself in a wealth of novel elemental spells and gear, delivering an abundance of choices steeped in elemental themes, catering to the diverse spectrum of character classes. Venture into an elaborate gazetteer that unfolds the resplendence of elemental planes, an expedition that unveils not only the venerable Plane of Wood—a sprawling symphony of orderly sylvan grandeur—but also the somber and decaying expanse of the Plane of Metal. Amidst these realms, a substantial bestiary emerges, introducing a pantheon of creatures intrinsically infused with elemental essence, ready to populate even the dreariest Material Plane dungeons with vibrant life.

Prepare to open the portals to elemental supremacy with the unparalleled odyssey that is Pathfinder RPG: Rage of Elements!

This pocket edition showcases the same exquisite content as its standard counterpart, elegantly compressed into a smaller, softcover format, ensuring both an economical price point and heightened portability. Experience the uncharted expanse of elemental mastery at your fingertips, wherever your adventures may lead.