Quacks & Co: Quedlinburg Dash

Schmidt Spiele

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Saddle up and get ready to Dash!

It’s market day, and the kids are taking part in the annual BIG race. Feed your four legged animal friends to entice them forward along the track. But watch out, some of the food might make them nap along the way!

Each player starts the game with their mount at the start of the racetrack and a bag that contains four dream tokens, a yellow 1 token, two red 1 tokens, and a red 2 token. On a turn, you draw a token from your bag, then place it on your animal board. If you draw a coloured token, place the token on your animal board, advance your animal on the track as many spaces as the number on the token, then carry out the effect of that colour: red tokens earn you 1-3 rubies, yellow tokens let you roll a die for a random bonus, green tokens let you take another turn or return a drawn token to your bag, and blue chips let you move extra or upgrade a token.

If you draw a dream token, place it on one of the clouds on your animal board. After you draw and place a third dream token, use all the rubies on your board to buy new tokens — no two being the same color, mind you — then place these new tokens and all previously drawn tokens in your bag. Keep taking turns until someone reaches the end of the track and wins!

Mit Quacks & Co. nach Quedlinburg includes a double-sided game board for a shorter or longer race; orange and purple tokens that provide new powers, such as advancing as many spaces as the number of rubies you have; and double-sided action boards for each type of colored token, allowing you to play with different sets of actions from game to game.

What’s in the box?

  • 162 food chips
  • 18 dream weed chips
  • 26 four – leaf clovers
  • 40 rubies
  • One golden cauldron
  • Four playing figures (donkey, sheep, pig, cow)
  • One game board
  • Four food bags
  • Four animal cards
  • Two dice
  • Six action cards

UK Games Expo Awards Best Children's Game