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30-60 mins

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Step into the era of the Industrial Revolution with "Railways," where you'll take the reins of a budding railway company and use the power of steam to build a profitable transportation empire. Over the course of twelve rounds, strategically develop your railroads, expand your buildings, and transport passengers to maximize your earnings!

This exciting game comes with 9 cards, 9 dice, and 9 cubes that you'll use to build your network and connect your buildings for passenger transportation. Each card and icon represents a specific action, which you'll combine to perform different tasks during each round. These actions include building links, moving passengers, constructing buildings, upgrading existing links, earning money, reducing pollution, and adding new passengers to your network.

However, if you play two icons from the same card, you'll have to increase your pollution level. Your ultimate objective is to increase your profits by moving as many passengers as possible through your links and buildings.

Get ready to use your strategic skills and bring your railway company to new heights of success with "Railways"!